Apply Now to Join the Llama Association

Membership Types

We have several membership types that you can choose from, they are:

Membership Type Votes Fee
Single 1 $75
Farm or Family 2 $120
Introductory - for new members, first year only 1 $45
Associate - for non-llama owners 0 $45
International Associate - for non-Aust/NZ residents 0 $60

Marketing Package

You can add the $25 LAA Marketing Package to your membership and have your llama business included in the supporters sections of the website. Please tick the include marketing box and add your website address on the application form if you wish to include the package.


Payment can be made using your Credit/Debit Card or via Direct Deposit. Card payments are made via PayPal. You do not require a PayPal account in order to make a card payment.


To apply please click the Apply Now button and complete the application form.