Llama Benefits

Member Benefits

Why belong to the LAA?

People: Belonging to an organisation of people who are interested in llamas gives you contact with other llama owners and access to an immediate network of LAA members who will offer you support and help, answer questions and give you tips about llama care.

Llama Lines: You’ll receive our Association quarterly magazine, Llama Lines. It’s full of information, news and advice and includes information about and contributions from llama owners throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Website: Our website is bursting with helpful information and all the news about the association and our activities.

Facebook Groups: Interact with other members, get helpful advice and see all the latest news and pictures.

Local groups: In most areas you’ll find a local group of llama owners to meet with periodically. You’ll be able to discuss llama issues, participate in llama activities and have a chance to enjoy your llamas with the group. Sharing is a big part of belonging to the LAA.

International group: Included in the LAA are members throughout Australia and New Zealand. Each year, usually in September, we have an annual meeting (AGM) where we take care of our Association business, have some educational opportunities – and most of all meet with each other and have some fun.

Registration: By joining LAA you are eligible to register your lamas in the Australasian Lama Registry. The registry takes its name from the classification genus ‘lama’ of the South American Camelid family because it will record guanaco as well as llamas. The other members of this family not eligible for registration with the LAA are the alpaca, which has its own association and registry, and the vicuna, which is listed as an endangered species in South America and not exported to Australia. The Registry maintains a record of lama identification, genealogy and ownership for each lama registered. The Registry is used by owners to aid in producing the best quality lama possible, both in physical conformation, appearance, temperament and suitability for the purpose intended. The Registry is also used for statistical purposes and as a resource for tracing the history of a lama.

Showing: If you’re interested in showing animals, here’s a group of like-minded llama owners who will be interested in helping you to show your llamas, both for conformation and for performance.

Educational Events: You’ll be invited to educational events throughout Australia and New Zealand where you can learn from experts about llama care, training and general husbandry. Our local groups host educational and training events throughout the year and our Annual General Meeting includes seminars on all kinds of llama issues.

Participate in llama activities: Whether you’re interested in showing your llama, or packing, or carting – or just taking a leisurely walk with your llama, you’ll find people in the LAA who are looking for someone like you to share in their llama activities.

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